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My wife and I have been remodeling our house in preparation for our retirement. We hired Kahuna Renovations to install a brick patio using salvaged brick, reconstruct our driveway and parking area of concrete, install landscaping and irrigation in our front patio area, and to repair our wooden fence.
Kahuna Renovations offered competitive prices for this work and provided excellent workmanship. These projects were completed on time and within budget and we are completely satisfied.
Mr. Sprigg managed the projects to the most professional standards in that he defined the scopes, worked in accordance with the agreed schedules, and completed the projects within the agreed budgets.
I recommend Kahuna Renovations and plan to hire them for my future projects. I was a construction engineering manager during my career and have worked with many contractors during my career. For residential projects Kahuna Renovations is the best that I have hired.

- Michael Sadowski, PE

I hired Jose and his crew to remodel our laundry room. They showed up on time, installed new lighting, re-routed vent pipes, repaired and re-textured the drywall, and painted the entire room. At the end of the day the crew even cleaned up everything so we could have the new washer and dryer delivered the next day. My wife and I were very pleased with their work and extremely competitive prices. If you're looking for a stress free renovation from an honest and experienced contractor call Jose! We'll definitely will hire Kahuna Renovations when it's time to re-model our outdated master bath.

- Don Abbott
Abbott Media Productions

The work ethic and superior quality provided by Jose and Kahuna Renovations are evident with every job, and with every follow-up. As a business owner, it’s important to build positive relationships. Jose is passionate not only about his work, but passionate about my company’s success as well. Thank you for your top-notch contractor service, commitment, and customer loyalty.

- Jose Labrado II
Owner, Every Last Detail
Professional Cleaning Service
(520) 401-9003

I have worked with Jose Sprigg, of Kahuna Renovations and Home Repair, for several years, and have worked cooperatively on dozens and dozens of construction projects. Jose and his team display the traits that customer’s most desire. Foremost is their honesty & integrity. It is refreshing to be able to rely on a person’s word these days. Jose and his crew also display a strong sense of time and quality commitment with each project, coupled with an intense attention to detail. Jose’s ability to capture the desires of his customers and ability to make them a reality set his company apart from the rest.

- John Floro
The Carpet Magicians, LLC

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the work that Jose from Kahuna renovations did for me and my Mom. I called Jose at 7:30 in the morning because my Mother's ceiling had fallen in on her kitchen, he and his crew were out there in less than an hour and they really reassured my Mom that everything would be ok. She has been very sick over the last 4 years and having something like this happen was not what she needed. Everyone was so nice and professional, they always explained everything to us and made us feel like we were in good hands. The final product was AMAZING, her kitchen look fabulous. She had some other damage from a previous incident in another part of the kitchen and Jose was so gracious and gave her a great deal on fixing something the last renovation company messed up. We will never use anyone but Jose and his crew for anything having to do with renovation or restoration.

- Karol Becerra
Star Glass

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